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Taking your technology business around the world Are you ready to expand your
business abroad?

International Business Development

We’re experts in multi-regional, multi-channel global business development for technology companies and solution providers.

With a local presence in The Americas and Europe, Access International can jumpstart your entry into new markets or reinvigorate your existing sales endeavors.

We speak the local language and have a deep understanding of each local market's business culture and customs. Our team is there to support the sale of your products to the local market through local channels at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own foreign-based office.

Access International gives you a realistic view of the market and provides the strategy options you need to make an informed decision on market entry and/or expansion. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your products, target markets and competition. We then define a market-entry strategy specifically tailored to your needs and goals. We provide a realistic picture of the current market and help you target the appropriate channels for your products within each market. We don't stop until your global sales objectives are achieved!

Access™ for Consumer Electronics and Hardware Vendors

Your business development, sales, and market expansion goals in Latin America, Europe, and beyond depend upon sound and carefully planned distribution and sales strategies, and strong relationships with established partners in the local channel. We work closely within the targeted region to ensure successful sell-in and sell-through of your hardware or accessory product by:

  • Defining and establishing a distribution strategy and model designed to maximize sales for your specific product within the local market
  • Identifying and selecting distributors who have demonstrated success within your product category
  • Negotiating distribution contracts
  • Establishing reseller programs
  • Working with retailers to provide sales training and keep them informed about new products, policies and promotions
  • Negotiating OEM and bundling opportunities
  • Developing a fulfillment strategy
  • Managing inventory and assisting with logistics and operation management
  • Developing pricing models and forecasting revenue
  • Shipping and warehousing
  • Invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable and returns
  • Managing technical/customer support services to end-users, resellers and distribution channels
  • Facilitating product importation and exportation

Access™ for Software and ESS Vendors

To successfully drive software, service and application sales within new regions you need specialized knowledge and local understanding of the market, its language, customs, and culture.

We help you achieve sales success by:

  • Defining both online and retail sales strategies for your solution
  • Identifying and building your network of strategic publishing partners within the local market
  • Identifying third-party partners for potential bundling opportunities
  • Developing localized content in the native language for E-Commerce sales and distribution
  • Developing order and fulfillment strategies

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